Aqua'Gold - water conditioner and bacteria for Goldfish aquarium
Aqua'Gold combines a water conditioner and bacteria in the same box in order to deliver the best water quality for your Goldfish in cold water aquarium.
Aqua'Gold information Combines Bett'Activ et Aqua'Bacter One 12 vials box treats up to 180 liters (6 water changes)   Bett'Activ: - adapts tap water  - favours...
Aqua'Turtle - Anti-odors water purifier for turtles
AQUA'TURTLE has been devised by PRODIBIO to effectively combat bad smells in aquaterrariums housing turtles.
Aqua’Turtle information It combines two different products: AQUA'TURTLE ODOR which will eliminate bad smells in the tank. AQUA'TURTLE BACTER which is composed of different specific strains of...