Aqua'Gold, water conditioner and bacteria for Goldfish

Aqua'Gold - water conditioner and bacteria for Goldfish aquarium

Aqua'Gold combines a water conditioner and bacteria in the same box in order to deliver the best water quality for your Goldfish in cold water aquarium.

Aqua'Gold - 12 vials

Aqua'Gold information

  • Combines Bett'Activ et Aqua'Bacter
  • One 12 vials box treats up to 180 liters (6 water changes)
  • Bett'Activ:
    - adapts tap water 
    - favours acclimatization of Goldfish in ther aquarium
    - contributes the well-being of Goldfish
  • Aqua'Bacter:
    - c
    omposed of live bacterial strains adapted to cold water
    - ensures an optimal bilogical filtration
    - prevents the spread of filamentous algae
    - contributes to the degradation of fish waste in cold water aquarium
    - nitrates and nitrites (dangerous for Goldfish) are reduced

When should Aqua'Gold be used ?

  • When starting a cold water aquarium, use Aqua'Gold to prepare tap water
  • When doing a water change use Aqua'Gold to prepare tap water

How to use Aqua'Gold ?

Aquarium size Dosage
0 à 30 liters 1 Bett'Activ & 1 Aqua'Bacter
31 à 60 liters 2 Bett'Activ & 2 Aqua'Bacter
61 à 90 liters 3 Bett'Activ & 3 Aqua'Bacter