Gold'Activ, water conditioner for Goldfish

Gold'Activ - water conditioner for Goldfish aquarium

Gold'Activ is a product specially conditioned for Goldfish. Gold'Activ transforms and adapts tap water for cold water aquarium.

Gold'Activ - 12 vials

Gold'Activ information

  • One 12 vials box treat up to 360 liters (12 water changes)
  • Neutralizes and removes the chlorine compounds of tap water
  • Adapts and transforms tap water in an optimal water for Goldfish
  • Favours Goldfish acclimatization in cold water tank
  • Contributes to the well-being of Goldfish

When should Gold'Activ be used ?

  • When starting a cold water aquarium, use Gold'Activ to prepare tap water
  • When doing a water change use Gold'Activ to prepare tap water

Comment utiliser Gold'Activ ?

Aquarium size Dosage
0 à 30 liters 1 vial for each water change
31 à 60 liters 2 vials for each water change
61 à 90 liters 3 vials for each water change


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