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Prodibio - Chloral Reset, water conditioner - Standard
Chloral_Reset is efficient in fresh and salt water, Chloral_Reset is a water conditioner that quickly neutralizes chlorine an chloramines in regular tap water. Use Chloral_Reset when starting an aquarium an for water...
Prodibio - Start Up, quickly cycle and populate an aquarium
Start_Up brings together BioDigest_Start and Stop_Ammo_Start enabling you to quickly start up and populate a freshwater or marine water tank.
Pure Ocean: Expert Reef Salt
PURE OCEAN has been developed to suit all types of marine biotopes (fish, invertebrates, soft corals and hard SPS/LPS corals). It is constituted of a base of natural, refined salt that is stable and controlled in terms...
AquaGrowth Soil, soil for freshwater aquarium
AquaGrowth Soil is a mineral soil specifically designed to facilitate the development of plants in your freshwater aquarium.
AquaShrimp Powder
AquaShrimp Powder is a mineral soil designed to facilitate the spawning of shrimps.
BacterKit Soil, bacteria for soil freshwater
Bacter Kit Soil is a kit to seed an aquarium soil.
Bett'Activ - water conditioner for Bettas aquarium
Bett'Activ is a product specially conditioned for Bettas. Bett'Activ transforms and adapts tap water for cold water aquarium.
Aqua'Betta - water conditioner and bacteria for Bettas aquarium
Aqua'Betta combines a water conditioner and bacteria in the same box in order to deliver the best water quality for your Bettas in cold water.
Gold'Activ - water conditioner for Goldfish aquarium
Gold'Activ is a product specially conditioned for Goldfish. Gold'Activ transforms and adapts tap water for cold water aquarium.