BioPond_Plants, Pond plants maintenance

Prodibio, BioPond Plants, Pond plants maintenance

BioPond_Plants supplies all pool and pond plants with the elements they need to develop. It is nitrate and phosphate-free. Decomposing foliage, fish droppings and unconsumed food waste are the main sources of pollution in outside ponds.

Standard Range

BioPond_Plants information

  • Provides pool and pond plants with the elements they need to develop
  • Bio-available iron, which is directly assimilable, and is vital for photosynthesis.
  • BioPond Plants is a nitrate and phosphate-free fertiliser for pond plants

We believe that ponds contain enough nitrates and phosphates and there is no need to add any more. However, plants need small amounts of the metals required for photosynthesis, for example, to develop normally. There is no point in adding nitrate and phosphate based fertilisers if one of these metals is lacking.This type of fertiliser will only worsen the problem by encouraging in particular the growth of algae.

When should BioPond_Plants be used ?

  • When your plants need to growth

How to use BioPond_Plants ?

  • Unlike bottled products, aerosols are easier to use, allowing the solution to be easily dispersed over the entire pond surface
  • A one second blast treats 1m³ (250 US gal) of water / week
  • 1 spray can treat up to 25 000 liters (6250 US gal)