Our advantages


All our ranges is packaged in ampoule glass single-dose (aerosol for ponds) under an inert atmosphere. These vials are tinted to protect the active ingredients in our products from light.

This special packaging adds four advantages to our products:

  • An easy and fun dosage :
    -  products are pre-dosed and calibrated according to our ranges and depending on the volume of the aquarium to treat.
    -  there is no waste of product thanks to the single-dose, because a vial is used in its entirety once opened. 
    -  the volume of water in our vials is very small. Our products are highly concentrated which also saves this most valuable resource. We prefer to use the aquarium's water to dilute products rather than to have an highly diluted product wich will need bigger packagings and generate more waste
    -  our water-resistant packaging comes from a recycle and recyclable raw material.
  • A very long shelf life :
    -  the glass is a material with excellent properties for the preservation and conservation of products (foods or drugs).
    -  packaging under inert atmosphere (argon or nitrogen) is used to avoid contact of the products with oxygen in the air, and thus reduce oxidation and degradation.
  • The ability to keep the products at room temperature :
    Tinted glass, storage in an inert atmosphere, concentrated products are all elements that give our range a very long shelf life and the possibility to keep the vials at room temperature
  • An excellent ratio "product cost / volume of water processed" :
    If you think that Prodibios' ranges are reserved for specialists and that our products are very expensive for your aquarium, you should do a quick exercise: calculate the cost of treatment of your tank's treatment. You will be extremely, and pleasantly, surprised with the result!

- Understand our range -

  • Nano range : aquarium from 0 to 120 liters
  • Standard range : aquarium from 120 to 1 000 liters
  • Pro range : aquarium from 1 000 liters to more


All products:

Freshwater Treatment + Saltwater Treatment + Cure Fish Treatment + Pond Treatment

Dose'n Drop, drip dosage system for salt water aquariums
Dose'n Drop is geared toward advanced aquarists wishing to dose more precisely Prodibio product.
Dose'n Drop, product information Dose'n Drop is a manual dosing kit offering an alternate way to the classical vial dosing. It allows to add products in the aquarium several times instead of once every 15 days...
Pure Ocean: Expert Reef Salt
PURE OCEAN has been developed to suit all types of marine biotopes (fish, invertebrates, soft corals and hard SPS/LPS corals). It is constituted of a base of natural, refined salt that is stable and controlled in terms...
Pure Ocean information Favors species development in the aquarium For all types marine biotopes Constituted from a base of natural, refined salt Enriched with trace elements and mineral salts of high...