Prodibio offers its clients a "troubleshooting team" comprised of a doctor of chemistry and a doctor of biochemistry. Our team will answer your water treatment questions.

   Our ready-to-use aquariology range enables you to start up and maintain effective biological filtration in both freshwater and marine water. Three main products can be used together depending on whether you are setting up, maintaining or dealing with a problem.

     Every aquarium is unique due to its dimensions, physico-chemical parameters and population. That is why the doses and formulation.

We can also look into the possibility of producing a "tailor-made" product.

The products in Prodibio's aquariology range are packed using argon in recyclable brown 100, 500 and 1,000ml PET bottles.
They boast several advantages :

  • different size bottles suitable for the volume of water that you need to treat
  • safer and cheaper to transport than glass bottles
  • UV protection for photosensitive active ingredients such as vitamins
  • minimum two-year shelf life


A few examples